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“I have gained weight of the CHARACTER”

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  •  March 19, 2014


Probably we could have been incapable of identifying the women’s power until interacting with the winner of our 8th Day campaign Dr. Parul Pareek. She won our hearts by depicting her sincere desire to spend some time with her Mother-in-law and make a surprise for her. Nowadays Mother-in-law & daughter-in-law relationships are highly underestimated due to a big burden of myths and over-expectations. However, we should accept the fact that when two women unite, revolutionary things can take place. We’ll surely disclose the adventurous actualization of her dream shortly.

Before that let’s know the other aspect of her life which inspired us a lot, and in this way we showcase it to you. Read on to know how powerful a woman can be when determined to accomplish a task.

1049257_622773297741244_747666607_o“I am Dr. Parul Pareek from a simple middle class, down to earth family of Gurgaon. Before shifting to Jaipur, there were many interesting things occurring in my life. Here I share one of my life-changing experiences with you.

It was the time when I had given my 12th class examination and like all other medical students I too had gained weight badly. The reasons behind my excess weight could include long hours of bench sitting. My study in exams was ritually accompanied by spicy fried potatoes, which were thought to be helpful in concentration on studies.

I had started looking really ugly with a weight of almost 112 kg height 5’6”. This gave a mind boggling inferiority complex in me. I always heard my mom saying from corner of my home, “Weight weight toh sab ho jayega tu bas medical crack kar de”. These pampering words added 8 more Kgs to my weight and needle of weighing scale showed 120 Kgs.


Finally with god’s grace I got admission in a dental college. I was extremely happy as my dress code was formal salwar kurta over the doctorate coat. It relaxed me as at least I won’t get a complex among the girls because of the dressing style.

One fine morning I asked my dad if we could go to buy my books from market. He replied, “I can’t drive Activa with you. I lose the balance when you sit. This response from my father was really shattering as I never heard these words from him. Afterwards, in the same evening we were supposed to go to a wedding party where my parents denied me to accompany them.

That day my mind turned upside-down, from potato to papaya, from chocolate to coconut water, from TV to treadmill and from suit to sleeveless top. Within a span of 2 years I dropped down from 120kg to 75kg. I became so passionate with just one thing in my mind & that was – WEIGHT LOSS.

Any gym I joined, I used to be the first to reach, even before the gym opens. Any hardship in form of fog, mist, rain or sun could never stop me to reach my goal. There was no theory left un-read, no dietician un-consulted to lose my weight. Consequently, by the end of dental studies I became from Chhii-Chhii to WOW i.e. I was 63 kg. now .

This very incident was followed by one more miraculous happening. One day when I was deciding about what else should be done my physique, our door bell rang. When I opened the door there was a neighbor aunty with the most honorable proposal of my life. That aunty offered me to train her daughter in maintaining her physique like me in any way. She asked me about my charge to train her daughter which later was decided with the award of 250 Rs. monthly. I never knew that the first offer was the initiative for so many such proposals which afterwards turned me into a professional fitness trainer. Now I am running my own fitness club with group classes. I have done my certification in aerobics, power yoga, weight-loss and Pilates. This success led me with an enthusiastic power and now I was very much keen to try new things in this field. This passion inspired me to go to Bangalore and learn the new American art Zumba in October, 2010. And here also after 2years of training, I became first Zumba instructor in North India successfully.

This biggest change now promoted my Aerobics Centre into fully equipped Fitness Studio. The Fitness Studio included a Cafeteria, a management cabin & a personal training cabin separately. With the 5 trainers there were more than 200 trainees whom I used to train in groups. At the age of 23 I had become an ideal among all my trainees, relatives & friends. With the appraisals all those achievements I was pursuing my dental practice too in a dental clinic.

Above all these, one more change occurred in my life in 2012 when I got engaged with a Merchant Navy Officer. I got married in May, 2013 with a very loving person Nikhil, and now experiencing a new life in Jaipur.”

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