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  •  January 29, 2014


I am 50 years old Jaipur Woman. Before you read my journey, I want to ask you one thing – What’s your perspective of a housewife from a well to-do family? That she is busy socializing, partying & attending Kitty Parties, busy in looking good even when at home, etc…. Well, I won’t say you are wrong (atleast this is what our Indian Television projects). But may be after reading my story, you can think the other way.

Married at quite an early age and having two kids by 22, life started pretty early for me. Being the eldest daughter-in-law of my family, there were certain expectations that had to be matched. Of course, maintaining relations was never a tough job for me as I have always loved being amidst my family. The other side was my career and life choices. My husband has a business and when I became his wife, I too wanted to be a part of this family work.

Having a firm resolve that I would help my family in business along with being a home- maker was not an easy task. However, I was lucky my in-laws never stopped or questioned my motive. They were happy to support their aspiring Bahu-raani. But still I never took my family responsibility lightly or passed my liabilities to other ones. There were so much support and love that I started supporting my work department only after a month of giving birth to my 1st child. Very quickly, I became an indispensable part of the business and my home and never in last 30 years has anyone complained in case I’m lacking in fulfilling my duties. And even after so many years of satisfaction, I have been working ceaselessly at both the ends.

Amazingly, I was the first Daughter-in-law who took this step and turned out that other Daughters-in-law of the family too started following my footsteps. I am happy to be someone’s inspiration and helping them realize their hidden potentials.

About work: I am heading the whole Designing Department and every time creating new designs give me immense pleasure and internal contentment. Coming from such a cultured background and being involved in High-fashion designing, there was always a need to be in sync with the changing times. I have seen generations change and along with that their dressing too. Coming from a Marwari family and having my deeps rooted, I have always believed in dressing up with elegance. For me, my Indian traditional saree is, was and always be my favorite. I don’t think that being too fashionable will only bring you accolades. I believe you can make your own fashion statement by being your own self. Most of the times, I go to work draped in my sarees. Our Indian culture is the richest of all and instead of running towards westernization; we can make a difference in our own way. Don’t assume a Director is always wrapped in some western suit! 😉

work_balance_a_lI believe that with changing times, women are becoming more ambitious irrespective of their financial background. All they want is to make a mark in this highly competitive society and to do so it is vital to be in sync with your family and culture. Don’t try to break free it. Try to prove yourself amidst it and not by living a life where you have abandoned everything. Then, what’s the point of struggling and proving yourself? Then how can you become one’s inspiration?

So now my question is – why a woman is tagged a House-wife or a Working class? Why can’t she be both? I am. So are you. I can proudly say that I give my 100% at both ends – my lovely family and to my dreams. Is that what you call a Super woman? Psst!

By: Suneeta Saraf
Housewife & Designer Head (Family Business)

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