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I am HIV-Positive. Dare to Touch me

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  •  June 30, 2015


Recently doctors in Meerut have broken all the lines of being inhuman by labeling the bed of an HIV+ mother ‘Bio-hazard’.

Still keeping a brisk hope for humanity, we stumbled upon a video that breaks HIV stigma in a positive way.

Janne was standing in the City Centre of Helsinki with a board reading “I am HIV+. Touch me.” His eyes were closed, and hands were widespread. He was waiting for those open-minded and open-hearted to gift him a bit of warmth.

Few were passing by with scornful expression of ignorance, however few dared to touch him. For Janne it was not a simple physical touch, it was a ray of hope that can illuminate the entire world.

A very special moment in the video was when a little girl reached Janne for a big hug that is surely bigger than her size, maybe, even bigger than the entire universe.

Watch this video now to kill the virus of ignorance and arrogance that our society is fatally infected with.

Go give a hug!

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