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How To Naturally Dry Your Hair & Keep Them Stylish

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  •  August 3, 2015


We read this beauty blog in Vogue today that has an expert telling how women can wear their hair fashionably soon after hair-wash!

Though sun-dry is one of the most common & traditional ways, and healthier than blow-drying, expert George Northwood advices on leaving the house with damp hair. Read why.

He says, “I always adapt any haircuts I do to suit the summer months as I know that when the sun is out, my clients are less likely to spend ages heat-styling their hair. So cut is key. I’d recommend having a longer cut with more of an undone feel to it – if your hair is longer then it’s less likely to spring up into frizz as the length weighs it down.”

Talking about the old technique of towel-drying the hair, he says, “Really try to get most of the water out – that way it should be dry by the time you get to work, plus it adds more body. Rigorous towel-drying tends to make the hair a bit knotty, so lightly comb it through once if necessary, but then don’t use a comb again after that – you’re trying to work with the natural texture.”

Got the trick?

But then what about people who have curly or semi-wavy hair? He advices, “With air-drying, a little bit of product is important to stop it from going fluffy. Most hair has a natural wave to it so I’d suggest a wave cream or curl cream – the Redken Curvaceous range is great. Even if your hair isn’t really curly, these are products designed for air drying, whereas a lot of styling products are heat-activated.”

Not ignoring the people with straight hair, he recommends skipping the styling products in favour of a little oil at the ends to keep dry tips looking nourished and healthy. He says, “Most volumising products are designed for heat styling so it’s best to just try to lift the hair at the roots, loosening it up around the crown, and then leave it to dry.” 

And here’s is a trick for each one of us: Northwood tells, “Just part hair where you want and then leave it. The more you play around with the hair after that, the more you’ll ruin it. Once it’s fully dry you can scrunch it and even add a little more product of you want. You can use a hair SPF, but I find that in the summer most people want to let the sun bleach their hair a bit.”

Thank you, sir, on behalf of our women readers!

Do you have tips to keep hair healthy and beautiful? Share with us!

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