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How To Make Career in Fashion Design by Designer Pratima Pandey

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  •  May 4, 2015


Pratima Pandey, a Delhi based designer, was in Jaipur today to take a session at ARCH Academy Academy. ARCH Academy’s Director, Archana Surana, invited the designer for an interactive session with students. In the interview with JWB, Pratima talks about how the world of fashion is constantly changing…for good! OPS_6152JWB – Talk about your journey in the fashion world?

Pratima – I was very fond of dressing up and as a 13 yr old, I remember trying new colors and patterns. Since I was small, nobody took me seriously, not even me. So I did my MCA & MBA which I regret doing. I wasted so much time in delusion. But once I was clear about my dream, there was no looking back. After that, I took up few designing courses.

JWB – Who is your muse?

Pratima – A woman who is confidence, comfortable in her own skin and has no urge to expose unnecessarily. She is someone who is aware of her beauty. My signature designing is to impart classy cuts in clothing that clicks with such kind of women.

JWB – How fashion industry is going to evolve in next 5 years?

Pratima – It’s buzzing! New designers are coming into the market with innovative ideas. Fashion is showing up a bright career opportunity for youth because there is a huge space for exploration. Moreover, we have got young buyers now which wasn’t a scene few years back. OPS_6165

JWB – Being from Delhi, what do you find special about the fashion sense of Rajasthan?

Pratima – Designers here are lucky. They live in such a culturally rich state, and there is a lot for them to get inspired from and bring out a new collection. Explore one Rajasthan’s city and you’ll get at least one thing to create an idea.

JWB – What other careers in fashion can be explored beyond designing?

Pratima – Maybe fashion communication & fashion styling. These two can make vast separate courses that aspiring ones can pursue. Designers know what & how to create, but presenting it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

JWB – How women’s role will be evolved with the change in fashion world?



JWB – But we still have very less women designers on top. Why is that so?

Pratima – The old issue of work-life balance. Women are expected to look after home and kids along with their work, and it’s not easy.

JWB – How will you guide women who are housewives and want to step into the designing field?

Pratima – They must opt for On-The-Job learning. While managing your own store, learn from mistakes you do. To minimize the loss, they can even start working under an established designer in order to understand the basic skills and designing concepts. And don’t forget to keep dreaming big.


JWB – Lastly, comment on feminism and fashion. How these two are related?

Pratima – Feminism and fashion are like soul and body or two sides of a coin which cannot be separated from one another. A woman must respect herself and also understand the beauty of fashion. Every woman is beautiful and carries her own unique fashion. Even rural ladies, who might not be aware of many western trends, carry themselves with great panache. Fashion, especially for women, has become an expression.

Check out Pratima Pandey’s brand PRAMA.

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