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How to hide your tampons? Get clue in these funny Gifs!

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  •  May 9, 2015


We have talked in bulk about curse of periods, and how our society can’t stand even the word of it. We heard men talking about IT. We tried, honestly tried to remember our first period with humor. Even we fought against the Homeless Period. But you know what gets weirder the more you think about it? Getting up to go to the bathroom when you’re carrying a tampon or a sanitary pad.

Common sense says to carry the whole bag with you – what surely every girl does, and then she struggles to adjust this bag on her shoulder to avoid unhygienic contact with toilet environment. This entire exercise is not less than an acrobatic stunt.

Yes, there is always a way for improvement, and to make ways for tampon in disguise even more sophisticated. Follow these hilarious gifs for instruction:

The Magician Way

Tight Jeans Trick

Sweater or Shawl around your Hand

This one is not recommended, but who knows..


Handle it like a Tom-Boy!

Reading in the toilet – why not!

Do you really want to hide it? We think you shouldn’t! Don’t feel shy about your body! Never ever!

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