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  •  March 29, 2014

Do you dream of having your own home gym but don’t think you have room—in your home or your bank account? Think again! Training means engaging your whole body—take the humble push-up, a three-for-one cardio-, mobility-, and strength-building exercise. Which is why the smarter home gym starts not with a stable of shiny metal machines but with space and determination. What comes next is a collection of simple tools. Climb a rope, scale a ladder, swing a club, catch a ball, roll a wheel!

Here, your step-by-step guide to building the perfect home gym for any space on any budget.

Step 1: Find a space in your home that you can dedicate to your workouts.
First, you need to decide where you want to set up your home gym. The spare bedroom, office, or even a back porch or patio, are all great spaces for exercise. And if you don’t have a spare room, a small area in your home (like the living room) that can double as your workout space will do.

Step 2: Give it good fitness feng shui.
To help boost your energy level during your workouts, make your space as light and airy as possible. An ideal fitness space has lots of natural light coming in from windows or doors. And while adding in windows may be impossible, you can add in more light sources to your room: mimic recessed lighting with tap lights or add a few lamps that use soft white bulbs. Bringing in plants can also help boost oxygen levels in the room. Ferns, bamboo palms, and spider plants top the list for their indoor air purification powers.

Clear your exercise space of clutter and distractions—try to remove all gadgets, gizmos, papers, or other items that might call your attention away from your workout. If you’re an exercise DVD fan, you’ll want to make sure you’ve set up your TV or computer at a level that is best for following along with the routine.

Also; you may want to consider adding a mirror to your workout space. Not only can mirrors be a helpful tool for feedback on your form during exercises, they can also help to open up a space, making it appear larger than it actually is, which may help you feel less cramped in a smaller workout area.

Step 3: Stock your home gym.
You don’t need a ton of equipment or bulky machines to make your home gym an effective place to exercise. In fact, some of the best home workout equipment is actually quite small and inexpensive.

  1. Swiss Ball: Also called a stability ball, physio ball, or exercise ball, a Swiss ball is a great tool for targeting your core, and in a pinch it can substitute for a bench.









2. If you have only one training tool, make it a set of dumbbells. They’re simple to use, versatile, and a great way to increase muscle mass.


3. Resistance bands – they are resembling oversized rubber bands. These stretchy tools come in a range of sizes, widths, and resistance levels. Use the largest ones to make squats extra challenging; smaller sizes are useful for working your glutes and inner thighs.



4. Mat – it can help relieve joint pressure and pain during moves that involve sitting, kneeling, or lying, or when you perform any kind of holding exercise, such as a plank. Also important, its nonskid surface will safeguard you against injuries.

5. And you can skip buying a bulky treadmill for cardio, easily stored jump ropes are perfect for quick cardio.

You don’t have to buy everything all at once. Start with a few key pieces and then gradually build up from there. Save even more money by putting some items on your wish list for upcoming holidays or your birthday, shop at used sports stores or garage sales, or swap out with friends to rotate your equipment for free.

Step 5: Use your home gym!
Now that you’re all set up, be sure to put your home gym to good use! Invite a workout buddy over to train with you, or ask your partner to sweat it out by your side. Just like a real gym, it won’t do you any good if you don’t regularly visit it.

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