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How To Beat After-result Stress in Students

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  •  June 5, 2015


So there is a new kind of nervousness and anxiety disorder found in class 12 students. According to the ASSOCHAM survey, science students have highest levels of depression, anxiety and stress followed by commerce and arts students. Science student’s routine is much more taxing with additional coaching and entrance exam training.

The survey revealed that nearly 74.2% students of class 12th students said that they had chosen the subjects on their own, while 25.8% had not taken subjects of their choice but of their parent’s choice. About 58.7% students felt the burden of parent’s expectations and showed significantly higher levels of depression. Also, the teen girls are found to be more stressed than boys.

Can you imagine? Dreadful.

The patterns of stress-related behaviors such as lack of sleep, lack of exercise, poor eating habits in response to stress, reveals the survey.

How to Deal With the Depression:

Dear Parents: Encourage your child and trust him/her. Let him/her have a say in the career he wants to pursue. Keep talking about the many possible future paths available. Let them fail – it’s okay.

Secondly, the day results come out, plan a positive activity with friends and family and make sure your child is a part of it.

Third, recognize stress symptoms in your child’s behavior. The sooner, the better. It can include difficulty in concentrating, headaches, abdominal pain, tightness in the chest, pounding heart or breathing difficulties, difficulty in getting to sleep at night, nightmares, abnormal eating habits – eating more than usual or having no appetite for food, irritability, loss of sense of humor, panic attacks and a feeling that things are out of proportion.

Dear Children:

  1. After you receive your exams results, trust yourself and have the confidence to know you did your best: It can be easy to look back over your study time and think ‘I could have done more’ but this is not a very useful thing to do. Retrospective thinking may not always be realistic thinking.
  1. One person’s disappointment is another person’s success: Remember that everyone has different expectations of themselves and goals in life. Be aware of this during the exam results period.
  1. Put your results into perspective: Whether you have achieved the results you expected or not, remember that exams are stepping stones to something bigger. Exams are not always goals in themselves; they can be a means to a goal. Stepping stones can be of different sizes and sometimes may be difficult but the important thing is for them to be used productively to reach where you want to be. Marks should not be the goal; they only help you reach the next class or a level closer to your desired career. If you are disappointed about your results, your goal does not need to change but how you reach that goal may be different. Check out the goal setting fact sheet in the well-being section.
  1. Learn to disassociate your performances from who you are: Everyone is made up of a lot of abilities and skills. Exams judge skills and knowledge; they are not a judgement about a person or a reflection of a person’s self-worth. Remember this, it is important. If you find yourself thinking negatively recently, check out the Noticing Unhelpful Thinking and Changing Unhelpful Thinking modules in the Self Help section.
  1. Treat yourself: The exam results are a stressful time and the hours of work put into achieving them deserves a reward. Whether you are delighted or disappointed with your results, allow yourself the time to treat yourself. If big celebrations are planned, be careful around your alcohol intake.
  1. Explore your options for the future: Now that you have your exam results, take the time to consider your options. Check out the goal-planning fact sheet in the Well-being section.


Let’s not give up. This is definitely not the end. xoxo

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