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Himanshu Roy

IWB Blogger

How Patriarchy Hurts Men And What Women Can Do To Resolve It

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  •  November 27, 2015


What is the root cause of violence against women? Many would say men, but recently when Union minister for women and child development Maneka Gandhi said that all violence is male generated, the netizens across the world did express their dissent and a large chunk among them was women.

So do spare a thought or two about this glaring issue. By linking sexual violence to men without analyzing all the different aspects and societal issues, are we not reaching at an incomplete understanding of patriarchy?

But do you know that there are organizations both in India and abroad which are working towards involving men and making them aware about sexual violence and how not only women but men are also affected by it.

Promundo is an international organization that works to promote caring, non violent and equitable masculinities. Through its study, it has found out that how there is a relationship between boys who are exposed to violence from a very young age and men who are responsible for violence against women. It is from incidents like, bullying and abuse in childhood that a boy first gets exposed to violence. It is actually a part of the study done by Promundo that how in 45 lower income schools in Mumbai boys actually have to face more violence and discrimination than women.

International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW) is another such organization that has been involved in surveys and studies trying to decode the root causes between gender-based violence. But do you know that in one of its survery it found that boys and girls between 12-14 years of age strongly challenged sexism. So you see, there is ample hope left when it comes to the next generation.

In another research done by ICRW along with Plan International in different Asian countries like Pakistan, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia and Cambodia found a pattern where actually a higher number of boys reported that they had faced physical violence in schools than girls.

Equal Community Foundation in Pune is another such platform that is working towards involving men to end sexual violence. Same is the case of Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA) that has been successful in unearthing data about the role of men in stopping gender inequalities, that has formed basis for future researches.

Experts agree to the fact that in order to put a stop to cases of violence against women, it is very important that we make sure that boys have a healthy upbringing and for that they, along with their parents need to be made aware.

If gender equality is the objective, then the involvement of men is a must.

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