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How Entrepreneur Bela Badhalia Is Turning Indian Homemakers Into ‘Purse Managers’

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  •  April 21, 2017


Entrepreneur Bela Badhalia, along with Indian Women Blog, co-hosted PURSE MANAGER – an event for women who want to/are working from home. India’s top Finance Expert, Gurleen Kaur of HareePatti, visited Jaipur on 20th April 2017 and interacted with the women about boosting their personal finance, managing the earned/saved money, investing it rightly, and contributing financially and emotionally in their families.

Bela is the co-founder of Silgo which envisions to boost the number of women entrepreneurs in India. its only mission since its inception has been to guide the non-working class of women on becoming financially independent. An online hub of shopping fine silver jewelry at affordable prices, Bela shared how Silgo is motivating women towards modern thinking and breaking their shells so they can explore their entrepreneurial qualities.72

We also talked about one of its dynamic module, Dyuti, which lets non-working women make flexible earnings by becoming agents of Silgo.

“This initiative is solely for women who need a push to take that first step towards entrepreneurship. We allow them to choose from many kits/plans that allow them to further sell the designer Silgo jewelry. We call these women our Dyutis who are now determined to lighten up their world,” explained Bela.

Currently, Project Dyuti has got many women from all over India associated with it. Quoting a few cases, Bela remembered one such inspiring story, “There were these two sisters-in-law who wanted to be Silgo’s Dyuti. They lived in the old city of Jaipur and after many years of being housewives, together they wanted to start a business and save money for themselves. They bought silver jewelry of around Rs. 50,000 from Silgo and to our amazement, reported that it took them merely 10 days to sell all the jewelry pieces to their relatives and neighbors. The next day, they came up to take another kit, this time they looked more confident and happier.”

Women have incredible convincing power, and Bela thinks they make brilliant entrepreneurs. We second her. A woman’s sincere management skills gelled with the zeal to change her destiny can be her ‘dream come true’ formula.Bela Badhalia

Having an equal share and power in India has always been difficult for females, and it is only because of initiatives like that of Silgo that the women are now able to claim their much-deserving stature in the country. Bela added, “All we need is the right opportunity and expertise to make a dent in the universe. At Silgo, we make sure each Dyuti is mentored well during the knowledgeable workshops that we organize.”

Being a Dyuti comes with zero pressure. There are no sales targets or time constraint and one can choose her own working module – retailer/stockist, trunk show host, etc. Silgo’s silver jewels are rhodium plated and are priced as low as Rs. 300 to begin with.

Silgo’s silver jewels are rhodium plated and are priced as low as Rs. 300 to begin with.

Bela showcased selected Dyuti’s products at the Purse Managers workshop which was very well-received by our audience. Here’s a little photographic treat from the Dyuti’s shimmery display at the workshop:

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P.S. Check out the entire collection of Dyuti here.

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