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Hollywood Hottie Matt Damon Is Suffering From ‘Mansplaining’. But What Is It?

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  •  October 10, 2015


Ever heard about the words you mansplaining? Yup! It’s about time that you add another new word in your urban dictionary, courtesy Hollywood star Matt Damon. So what exactly is mansplaining?

It’s a condition in which men believe that it is their natural born right to interrupt, talk over and explain to women on matters that men believe they are the best experts to speak on.

This was explained by Adam Levine-Peres who is credited for the You Tube series Project Bronx has coined this term. The trigger? Know it all Matt Damon over-confidently mouthing off to a woman director who is an African-American about ‘diversity.’ It happened that in a new TV show that gives opportunity to new directors when veteran producer Effie Brown spoke about diversity in the crew, Damon went on his over smug tirade and barely gave her any opportunity to speak.

So how exactly one of the most famous Hollywood actors, who is known to speak for a number of causes can suffer from mansplaining? According to Levine, it is the habit of men to think that they can interrupt, talk over and exclusively have the right to explain things to women, who are seemingly inferior to them. Actually such men believe that especially in matters related to women, they are the ones who have the expert opinion reserved and know much more than the ladies.

Well, from the enthusiastic moral policing brigades to the experts on what dress a woman should wear, it does seem that even in India, there is absolutely no dearth of such mansplainers.

So how to mansplaining can be stopped? Well, by keeping their big mouths shut. It’s actually a medication called ‘check yourself’. Oh yes, it’s only by keeping their big mouths shut can these gentlemen be stopped from mansplaining. Well it does seem a fair bit of jolly good advice. Isn’t it?

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