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Lavanya Bahuguna


History Of Homo Sexuality From Ancient India

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  •  July 3, 2015

The Arthasastra might have mentioned a wide variety of non-vaginal sexual practices that were punished with the lowest grade of fine.
The British Raj may have banned homosexual relations under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which entered into force in 1861.

Our society may have been treating homosexuality as an offense and people who support it, are jailed.

So what?

Inspite of all this, we can’t run away from the reality. The reality of Indian sexual history.

Homosexuality has an ancient history in India. Ancient texts like Rig Veda (which dates back around 1500 BC) depict sexual acts between women. Shocked?

Same-sex relationship was treated just like sex between 2 straight people, and was considered natural. Likewise, it was believed to be based on pleasure and fertility.

Talking of the world famous Kama Sutra – a classic written by Sage Vatsyayana, it has a whole chapter of homosexual sex. It states: “it is to be engaged in and enjoyed for its own sake as one of the arts.”

Are you listening, anti-LBTGs?

Here’s more.

Kama Sutra has also described oral sex between men and openly discussed long-term unions between men. Hah!

If this information wasn’t enough to change your perception about same-sex love, watch this video about homosexuality in Ancient India.


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