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Hey Fashion Designers! Ramp On Social Media Is The NEW Trend

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  •  September 23, 2015

Wanted to get a VIP access to Burberry’s New Spring Collection without spending buckets of money?

Apparently, all you had to do was download Snapchat and follow the brand. Because, for the first time ever, a fashion show was telecasted live on Snapchat, and it is none other than this admired UK label.

A similar showcase on social media happened at the New York Fashion Week when designer Misha Nonoo took to Instagram to display her spring collection. Well, Burberry has followed suit and taken the phenomenon to another level. On 20th September, the day before the official runway show, a sneak peek of the label’s collection was flashed on Snapchat, right from its design studio in

And on the day of the show, I was present there, virtually, at Kensington Gardens to witness the drooling trends first-hand through our dearest Snapchat. Who else was there?

Oh, and by the way, I can’t help but exclaim how social media has taken the world on a swing in a big big way! If we don’t join the ride, we’ll be left faaaar behind. Take that as an ultimatum my friends!

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