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Here’s Why You Need To Join The Workshop By India’s Top Bartender, Ami Shroff, In Jaipur

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  •  February 13, 2017


She flipped a bottle first in 1999. Today, Ami Shroff, India’s noted Bartender, is all set to spin some bottles and interesting conversations with the people of Jaipur.

Under IWB’s on-going campaign “WoManagers” where we let non-working women learn a thing or two about handling business and event management, we keep conducting interesting workshops. This is the first time a bartending workshop is taking place in Jaipur, and we can’t tell you how excited we’re!

While sending you a warm invite to join the workshop, here’s a little about the talented woman, Ami Shroffherself! With a ‘dash’ of quirk, she tells us what’s currently ‘free pouring’ in her life and what she wants to ‘juggle’ out. Read on.

From performing at over 20 destinations across India and outside, and doing more than 1000 events from backyard pool parties to elite corporate functions and conferences, she’s one helluva woman. She’s won competitions like Bacardi flair challenge – west zonal 2007, MTV Captain Shack, 2012, and was the first woman winner in an all India flair competition in 2005.

Read the excerpts from our conversation with her:

Was it an unexpected decision to be a Flair Bartender?

I wanted to be one after I watched the Hollywood movie ‘Cocktail’ featuring Tom Crusie. I was 13 at the time.

Still considered an unconventional career for women, how did your family react upon listening to your decision?

Ah, they were pretty cool about it. Though, dad would get worried quite often. You know how fathers are, right!  But irrespective, they always supported me. They are the ones who taught me the dignity of labor.

And, the learning school? Were there many raised eyebrows, as well?

Well, my juggling surprised many.Ami Shroff

Share something about your time with Delnaaz Irani’s team.

Delnaaz and I were a super team, and everything was new and exciting for us then. We got to travel a lot, make money & meet interesting people; flair was good fun, and we would practice together. We are still the best of friends.

You prepared your first cocktail in 2003. Were you nervous?

Nervous? I remember making some cocktail blunders! *laughs*

Your FB says ‘Completely self-managed.’ Are you a single woman army?

Almost. There are many people I work with, but the management of my events and services is entirely in my hands right now. Sometimes there is a lot of paperwork or going back and forth with the planning of the events and that’s not the most fun.

I am curious. I want to learn about people’s reaction at a party where you perform.

The funny/shady characters don’t stay in my memory for very long. Otherwise, it’s always the positive and encouraging reactions that I receive.Ami Shroff

You also provide customized cocktail menus and innovative recipes, wow! A little about it.

Yes, I design them keeping in mind your mood or the theme of the event. I select ingredients that match the cuisine of the event and inspire a name for the cocktail from the same. There are certain favorite ingredients or previous favorite recipes, and you tweak them around to fit the mood or theme of the party.

How was your experience with modeling?

Don’t think I’m good at it unless I’m juggling. *giggles* While juggling it’s easier to lose my inhibitions. I have modeled as a juggler or bartender, and that’s always been fun. But you see, it’s different for a camera and an audience.

Is it right to say that your sports background is the reason behind your fit body?

Absolutely! I played state level football and handball. I don’t know which came first – the high metabolism leading to activity or activity leading to a high metabolism.

What’s your favorite chaser and drink?

Favorite would be chai or a brew of spices. The alcoholic beverage would be perhaps the beer.

What do you want to juggle-out from your life?

Smoking and procrastination.Ami Shroff

Which new routine would you like to blend into your life?

A routine of regular practice and teaching, and study of plants and nature. I also want to learn few new skills like surfing, skiing, and skateboarding.

What three ingredients make your life a fantastic cocktail?

Love, surprises, and flair.

Who’s your Gin-ie and Tonic?

Perhaps my girlfriend!

A dash of what makes you happy?

Comfortable unfamiliarity.

What is Free Pouring into your life right now?


Do you use Jigger while meeting new people?

I mostly free pour and sometimes I use a jigger, too. New or regular guests, it doesn’t change the jigger!

Which was that one experience that made you say ‘Whoa, that was On The Rocks!’

There are many! From watching an excellent artist perform to receiving a good compliment from a guest, visiting a new place for work or experimenting with my act/performance. All make me go whoa!


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