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Here’s What Happened At Our ‘Classroom on Wheels’ Event Yesterday

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  •  October 12, 2015


Needless to say, our ride of ‘Classroom on Wheels’ was amazing! Yesterday, JWB’s fundraising event took place where we warmly welcomed the 10 participating designers and their numerous guests, and successfully collected funds to kick-start our social project.


JWB's founder, Ana with Apra Kuchhal

JWB’s founder, Ana with Apra Kuchhal

Our project, ‘Classroom on Wheels’, aims to educate every underprivileged child of Jaipur city who is deprived of the ‘right to education’. For this, we are hiring teachers and volunteers who can passionately teach the kids syllabus books along with some art and craft. Also, we have Social Entrepreneur Apra Kucchal as a campaign adviser with us who helps our team drive this Classroom to success.  In case you want to be a part of it from now onward, follow the details here!2

Before that, we insist you get indulged in all the fun we had yesterday during the event.


Sudhir Mathur & Neeraj Rathore

Our dear host of the evening, Sudhir Mathur, is one of the warmest friends we know in person. Constantly on his toes, he welcomed visitors with affectionate hugs. His smile was pretty infectious making everyone entering the hall beam with happiness.


Sudhir Mathur & Asha Bhatnagar


Designer pieces created using old school bags

The stars of the evening, the 10 designers, caught everybody’s attention. Their brilliant artworks that they’d created using 10 old school bags.


Diana is watching creations by Designer Manali Bothra

And as you know, these masterpieces were put on sale at the event to collect funds for the Classroom on Wheels.

Since there were so many beautiful people around, we couldn’t resist but overhear them:

Hemant Ambwani: Pallavi, your tea-cozy set is a stand-out product here.

Pallavi Jaipur: Thank you. Not bragging, but I want to buy it for myself! *laughs*

Hemant Ambwani & Pallavi Jaipur

Hemant Ambwani & Pallavi Jaipur

Apra Kuchhal: Where exactly is the bag used in your painting, Surbhi?


Sudhir Mathur, Surbhi Soni

Surbhi Soni: Right on the sunflower!

Apra: You’re kidding me! Nobody can figure that out, you’re a Picasso.


Pankaj Kothari & Apra Kuchhal

Pankaj Kothari: This get-together reminds me of my college days when we gossiped, giggled, squealed and did almost everything that attracted attention. Everyone around seems so happy.


Sonal Sawansukha & Surbhi Soni

Sonal Sawansukha: I second you. I miss bringing my little one here. Kirti’s toddler is having so much fun!


Kirti Rathore with her son

Kirti Rathore: Don’t ask! I offered him a piece of marble cake so that he sits quietly at one place. He declined of course, Ha! Even during the making of this jacket, he got me running after him. He wanted that ‘Jerry’ hanging on the bag.


Swati Ubroi, Apra Kucchal  & Sudhir Mathur

Swati Ubroi: Sonal, I want one of those bookmarks and key chains that you have created. I mean, who could have thought of making these innovative items using a ragged bag?

Sonal Sawansukha: *laughs* So sweet, Swati! But everyone is talking about your bridal Potli-bag. Any bride who has worked with you will know what a gem you are!

Oh, and did we tell you that we organized a ‘Selfie-point’ just outside the venue where our cheerful guests could get their pictures clicked with giant mustache!!

Our photographer, Pallav, truly looked like a naughty paparazzi trying to catch the glimpse of these lovelies. We heard him saying, “I mean, these are some of your favorite people in the world, but photographing them isn’t quite simple. Why? Because their every pose is worth capturing, and I am going to bonkers!!” We feel you Pallav, everyone was pro at posing.

Doesn’t it seem crazy that we’re writing a huge article about something that sounds so energetic? We’ll now let the pictures do the talking:New folder (11)

PS – More pictures are coming up soon on our Facebook page

PPS – If you want to be a volunteer for this campaign, write to us at

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