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Priya Motiani

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Here’s Twinkle Khanna Giving You Quirky Home-Décor Tips Herself!

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  •  December 10, 2015


Contrary to what popular nursery rhyme suggests, Twinkle Khanna is a big star!

(Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are! Remember?) But I, for one, do wonder very often what she is! Writer, interior designer, candle-maker, columnist, a woman with a crisp and witty sense of humor! Gosh! Is there something she’s not?

Anyhoo, my latest excuse to adore her all the more is the following set of home décor hacks that she offers. Browse through them, take notes and try not to mindlessly gawk her, just like I did. #KThanksBye


1. There are no rules to what can be done with a teacup!


So, apparently, you don’t need to be Alice to throw a mad tea-party!

2. Let there be light!


Have a Boho-Chic Diwali!

3. Funk up the old junk in your bedroom!


Who’s joining me for Mason-jar shopping?

4. Give your home a new makeover! Go be a quirkoholic!


What’s now called vintage was once brand new. True that, Twinkle!

5. The first sign of addiction is denial, the second is having a mini-bar in your balcony!



Because what happens in the balcony, does not stay in the balcony. It reaches the neighbours. Might as well send quirky vibes, eh?

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