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Here’s Decoding The Reality Behind The ‘Children Crashing’ BBC Interview

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  •  March 18, 2017


Did Tv presenter Robert Kelly ever know how his little ones would make him so famous one day?

Lampooned by comedians and doctored by GIF makers, Robert Kelly’s recent very public family blooper has made him and his family YouTube sensations. Here’s a slight background for those who are not aware of the situation.

Robert Kelly, an expert on East Asian affairs, took a live video interview from home. This time unlike others, he forgot to lock the door of his office in his apartment in Busan, South Korea.

What happened next has almost created history! Featuring cameo appearances by his wife and two young children, this interview had garnered attention for all the right reasons. The presence of the kids distracted Kelly to an extent that it overshadowed the major news he was on air to discuss: the impeachment of South Korea’s president.

Calling it “a comedy of errors,” Mr. Kelly and his family decided to come out and share the reality of their lives and the interview with the public.

So right when Kelly began his BBC appearance, his wife, Kim Jung-A, and their two children started watching it on the connected TV screen.

Watching her dad’s back-to-back media appearances, their 4-year-old daughter Marion got excited. Smart enough to recognize his location, a room in their very own apartment, she went on to find him. She was in high spirits after enjoying her birthday party earlier that day at kindergarten, her father said.

Their 8-month-old son, James, followed behind his sister in his baby walker. Ms. Kim unaware of the situation had her eyes glued to the TV set.

And what next!

Marion barged in the room where her dad was reporting. Those who think why Kelly didn’t get up to send her daughter out, let me tell you, that no matter how smartly he was dressed above the waist, he was wearing comfortable jeans below!

Recalling the ‘never did I ever imagine’ event, Kelly said, “As soon as she opened the door I saw her image on my screen.”

Honestly more than anything, what I watch on repeat is the way Marion entered the room! I could just not take my eyes off her.

“She was in a hippity-hoppity mood that day because of the school party,” said Mr. Kelly.

Though it is pretty evident how hard Kelly tried to keep his daughter away from coming in the frame, he couldn’t do much because the moment Marion sat down, James made his heroic entry into the room.

“Then I knew it was over,” Mr. Kelly said.

My second favorite moment in the video was to watch Ms. Kim sliding across the apartment in her socks! Explaining her delayed entry, she said, the time lag on the TV feed she was watching was the reason she didn’t see the children in the room for a few seconds.

“He usually locks the door,” Ms. Kim said. “Most of the time they come back to me after they find the locked door. But they didn’t. And then I saw the door was open. It was chaos for me.”

“We said to each other, ‘Wow, what just happened?’ ” Mr. Kelly, said, adding the blame was entirely on him for not locking the door.

Wanting to correct the blunder, Kelly immediately wrote to the BBC to apologize. However, much to his surprise, the broadcaster asked if it could put a clip of the interview on the internet. The couple who first refused feeling uncomfortable that people might laugh at their children agreed later to show the world that theirs is just another regular family.

“I made this minor mistake that turned my family into YouTube stars. It’s pretty ridiculous,” he said.

“We stonewalled because we didn’t know what to do,” Mr. Kelly said.

So the couple decided to share what they have been going through. In a video interview from home, Mr. Kelly shared his experience while his son sat on his lap banging on his desk and computer keyboard while his 4-year-old daughter played rock, paper, and scissors with her mother.

The couple described their reaction as a mixture of surprise, embarrassment, and amusement but also love and affection. “I mean it was terribly cute,” Mr. Kelly said. “I saw the video like everybody else. My wife did a great job cleaning up a really unanticipated situation as best she possibly could… It was funny. If you watch the tape I was sort of struggling to keep my own laughs down. They’re little kids and that’s how things are.”

The video had been viewed over 84 million times on the BBC Facebook page.

Another video that has become viral on the internet is how a working woman would handle her kids if they crash her interview.

Check it out below:

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