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Here Is Some Health Gyan And An Interesting Recipe Shared By Celebrity Chef Amrita Raichand

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  •  June 18, 2019

Model/actor Amrita Raichand’s foray into healthy cooking happened as the struggles of feeding her toddler started. She began exploring healthy food recipes and experimenting with a variety of foods to provide for the nutritional needs of her son.

As she further explored, she came up with innovative and healthy food recipes, which were soothing for the eyes and good for the stomach. It wasn’t long after this that Chef Sanjeev Kapoor saw the perfect combination of a supermom and a chef in her. He asked her to do the show ‘Mummy Ka Magic’ when she was in the thick of her acting career.

While Amrita had taken up the show with great reluctance, she soon realised that it worked well for her. The show made her more popular than she ever was as an actor. To add to it, it gave her more time for her son and made it easier for her to balance her professional and personal life.

The show also helped her to come up with new recipes and people began looking up to her for their food solutions. Some of her innovative recipes include the tricolour pasta that has carrots and beetroots in it, pizzas with nachni and flower as the topping, burger made of whole wheat and vegetable filled patties and pancakes made of oats.

In a recent interaction with The Indian ExpressAmrita talked about the myth that ‘healthy is boring,’ a big Indian food fad, the idea of a healthy breakfast, and more. She also shared a healthy and interesting pancake recipe.

Here are the excerpts from the conversation:

On the myth ‘healthy is boring’

“My journey with debunking the myth ‘Healthy is boring’ started when my son, Agastya, turned two,” says Amrita.  Like most mothers, she had started believing that her son was a fussy eater. He was more receptive to junk food than the nutritious meals she used to cook at home. Since forcing it on him didn’t work very well, Amrita realised that she would have to find another option or her child would be malnourished.

She shares, “I had a eureka moment when I realised that when healthy food was prepared in a sumptuous way and presented so as to look like junk food, my son loved it. That was because he didn’t realise that there were healthy ingredients in it.”

On a major Indian food fad

Amrita shares, “We focus a lot on grains. On our plates, the portion of grains is way more than proteins, vegetables, and other nutrients. Take for example, a common sight of a mound of rice on plates with little dal, little dahi, and little sabzi. There should be more of that and less of grains.”

On the idea of a healthy breakfast

Amrita explains that a healthy breakfast should ideally comprise of something that gives you the energy to keep you active throughout the day. She explains, “It should not be too heavy so as to make you sluggish. I don’t recommend taking a lot of grains but if you have to, then go for the wholesome variety, like oats, quinoa, poha, or upma. These should be taken in small quantities though.”

She adds, “To keep it light yet substantial, one can also go for a glass of milk or yoghurt with granola.

On her favourite nutritious meal to cook for her family

“My son loves the roast chicken that I make and my husband loves Thai food. For my mother-in-law, I like to make my version of her Rajasthani food,” shares Amrita.

On advice to people who are trying to lose weight

Amrita follows two mantras to stay fit. She says, “Firstly, I really don’t eat a very heavy meal at night but keep it light like some grilled fish, chicken, soup, tofu, salad or sauted greens. Secondly, I try to eat around 8pm.”

Here is an interesting recipe shared by Amrita:

Red velvet pancake



  • 50g – Gluten-free oats flour
  • 20g – Ground Almonds
  • A pinch – Salt
  • 1/2 tsp – Baking powder
  • 65g – Banana, peeled and diced (Freshly ripened)
  • 80g – Chocolate chips
  • 1 – Egg
  • 1/2 cup – Milk
  • 1/2 tsp – Vanilla extract
  • 20g – Melted Butter
  • 30g – Beetroot, grated( not boiled, just peeled)


Beat the egg with till frothy, say about three minutes. Add in the milk and grated beetroot and beat for another two mins. Sieve together the flour, ground almonds, salt and baking powder (optional but better if you want lighter pancakes). Mix it with the egg mixture. Fold in the banana, beetroot and chocolate chips, fold in the melted butter in the end.

Leave it for about 15 minutes and up to one day in the fridge. When ready to cook. heat a pan on gentle heat. Before pouring the batter in the pan, wipe it with a clean cloth dipped in a little oil or butter (the pan should not have any trace of oil or butter). Let it cook till it starts to dry out on the edges, flip over and cook for another minute on the other side. Serve with fresh cream, honey or mascarpone cream.

Mascarpone cream


  • 60g – Mascarpone cream cheese
  • 40g – Fresh cream
  • 20g – Sugar
  • 1/2 pod – Vanilla bean


Beat everything together with an egg beater till you get soft peaks and serve.

H/T: The Indian Express

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