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Priya Motiani

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Here Are The Global Recruitment Trends For 2016

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  •  December 15, 2015


I’ve always known recruitment to be a big fat word. Not simply because of the number of letters it contains, but because of the number of considerations and processes that go behind it, or rather, come with it. And in this era of ever-increasing and ever-expanding developments, the term has gained several new associations. Let’s talk about them today, shall we?

Here are few global recruitment trends that are likely to prevail in the forthcoming year.

  1. Challenges in attracting talent

All businesses aim to find the top talent around to fill a position. However, there is a definite trend of recruiters facing difficulties in this effort to acquire the best employees — 46% of those asked said they find it difficult to source talent from high-demand sectors. Even when talent had been found 43% of those asked said that they had difficulties in offering a competitive compensation package. The final challenge with attracting the most talented people to a business came from other businesses, with 39% of companies asked saying that obstacles were arising from external competition. Finding ways to get the best employees is an important issue that will undoubtedly continue to be present throughout 2016.

  1. Hiring quality people is paramount

Sometimes businesses focus on filling a position quickly rather than concentrating on the person they are hiring. Nonetheless, quality of hire is still the most valuable key performance indicator. For 50% of those surveyed performance evaluation is the preferred way of measuring the quality of hire. However, 49% use retention statistics to evaluate the quality of hire. The opinion of the hiring manager is also of great importance — 43% of those asked said they use this opinion to judge the quality of hire. Finding ways to assess quality is a key trend that may develop further in the future.

  1. New sources of recruitment

While making sure that whoever you hire is the best person for the job is incredibly important, the first hurdle is to find the right pools of talent. The survey showed that 43% of businesses felt social and professional networks were the best way to find talented individuals. Internet job boards were also an effective talent source for 42% of those asked. The use of employee referral programs was also found to be useful for 32% of the businesses surveyed. Using these digital streams of information combined with real world interaction makes finding talent a less challenging task and the trend is certain to continue through 2016.

  1. Branding for success

Creating an effective employer brand identity is essential for getting the best candidates — 62% of businesses said that employer brand was of high priority while 59% of those surveyed also said that having a proactive strategy for the business was important. With 55% of businesses investing more in employer brand compared to last year, it appears that this trend will follow an upward trajectory.

  1. The best tools for employer branding

For a business to successfully brand themselves, they need to have knowledge of the best tools on offer. Social media was recognised as the best employer branding tool with 68% of businesses surveyed using it. Following this, professional networks such as LinkedIn were also shown to be valuable as 61% of businesses use them in their strategy. Businesses also make use of their company website for recruitment, with 47% of those asked using it as a tool for employer branding. As these digital resources grow, they will undoubtedly be just as useful in the next year.

  1. Contributing to employer brand

The direction of employer brand was previously decided by marketing teams, but this has now changed. As many as 47% of those surveyed said that talent acquisition decision-makers now share responsibilities for marketing departments, and 39% of businesses also now let talent acquisition contribute to managing employer brand. The responsibility for employer brand has also now changed for 32% of businesses, with talent acquisition controlling it completely. This trend is likely to see marketing teams being less involved in employer brand for 2016.

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