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Here Are Five Effective Ways To Keep Bacteria At Bay This Flu Season

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  •  October 25, 2018

As the weather begins to change, the flu seems to lurk right around the corner, ready to catch us unawares while our immunity drops with the mercury.

We absolutely second it when they say prevention is better than cure. That is why we have meticulously compiled a list of five easy and effective ways to keep the flu at bay in the changing weather.

Here you go:

Flavoured Kadha: A masala tea with the perks of a medicine!

Since childhood, my mom would make a funny-tasting kadha by boiling Tulsi leaves, black pepper, and ginger in water and give it to us every day during the flu season. While it did boost my immunity, the taste would give me nightmares and I had to find a fix, which I very well did in my flavoured kadha. Here’s is how can you make kadha in the flavour of your choice:

Grind Tulsi leaves, black pepper, and ginger and boil them in water. After two minutes, add tea leaves in the flavour of your choice and add honey to sweeten it. And slurp your way towards great immunity!

Cardamom and camphor 

With their anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, both cardamom and camphor are magic materials to maintain your immunity in the changing weather. In fact, they provide a symptomatic relief even after you catch a cold by dilating the blood vessels and boosting your immunity. Here is all that you need to do:

Take a tablet-sized quantity of camphor and two cardamoms. Beat them together and neatly tie them in a muslin cloth. Smell this concoction time to time, to fight all the bacteria trying to attack your body.

Giloi: The magic of Ayurveda!

Literally meaning ‘Amrita’ in Sanskrit, Giloi is a magic herb that can fight the strongest of the bacteria and is easily available in markets. It’s is an ayurvedic and very effective way of fighting respiratory diseases and shooting our immunities.

Pranayam: Because a little goes a long way

Keep your lungs and bodies worked up because trust me when I say this, even a little goes a long way. It keeps your lungs and body in great shape and does wonders for your body’s resistance and would specifically prevent you from diseases which attack your nose, lungs, and throat.

Stop touching that damn face!

News flash: Your hands contain more way more bacteria than you’d ever like to acknowledge. Thus, it is always a good idea to wash your hands everytime you touch a dirty surface, but even more important than that is to do away with the habit of touching your face time and again because that is how the flu bacteria gets a hold of it, people!

And on that note…


While a sanitizer might manage to kill the bacteria on the bottle, what about the battle that lies on its bottle itself? You can’t really sanitize a bottle or dispose off a bottle every time you use it right? Or wait, can you?

With its super compact size and disposable packaging, Livpure Hand Sanitizer is the answer to all your sanitizer woes and must be your go-to product to effectively fight bacteria this flu season.

With its ability to kill 99.99 of germs without drying your hands even a bit, this sanitizer is what we all need right away. The Aloe Vera extract in the formulation moisturise your hands, leaving them super soft. Need I say more?

But wait, we actually have more! The sanitizer comes in three variants – Citrus Lemon, Cool Water, and Green Apple. As a gentle fragrance lingers after use, it gives you a premium experience at the nominal price of Rs.2 per sachet. Isn’t Livsure the perfect sanitizer?



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