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Here Are 5 Actresses And Their Me-Time From Last Weekend That’s Helluva Inspiring

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  •  March 20, 2017


Someone wise once said, “You owe yourself the love that you freely five to others.”

Last weekend, I didn’t go out with friends and rather, stayed at home for some quiet time. I tossed fresh hot popcorns for myself and treated us (me and my doggo) to a movie marathon. I called it the ‘Me-time’ that I celebrated almost after 70 weekends. Phew.

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I found 5 actresses from Bollywood and the West who did something similar to please their nerves. Giving their crazy schedules a break for a day, look how Freida Pinto, Emma Roberts, Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt and Shilpa Shetty shared the stories of their self-time on Instagram!


Clearly, this girl’s sarcastic take on ‘Saturday’ is going to be my anthem for a couple of more weeks. No TGIF, please.

✌?? #Saturday

543.9k Likes, 1,408 Comments – Emma Roberts (@emmaroberts) on Instagram: “✌?? #Saturday”


For Freida, it was an adventure sport that did the calming. She captioned it as ‘DND.’ A short and straight to her colleagues.

It’s called ME TIME!!! DND! ?

10k Likes, 76 Comments – Freida Pinto (@freidapinto) on Instagram: “It’s called ME TIME!!! DND! ?”



PeeCee is one hardworking woman, y’all know! She barely takes any holiday from work. Remember how she resumed to shooting the next day of her father’s death? This needs courage but wait, that doesn’t mean she is too harsh on herself. Last weekend, the actor allowed herself to feel her vulnerability and how. She posted a picture and captioned it – “Sometimes it’s okay to let your eyes be moist. And your heart be soft. Sometimes you just have to allow yourself to feel. #VulnerableIsBeautiful.” 

Sometimes it’s ok let ur eyes be moist..And your heart be soft..sometimes.. u just have to allow yourself to feel… #vulnerableisbeautiful

568.3k Likes, 2,042 Comments – Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Instagram: “Sometimes it’s ok let ur eyes be moist..And your heart be soft..sometimes.. u just have to allow…”



Didja know, Alia Bhatt brought home a lil’ Persian cat baby boy, Eddie, on her birthday which was a few days back? And since then her recent Insta-stories have been regularly featuring this fluffy baby. Last weekend, Alia was caught playing and relaxing with him. Oh-so-cute!

Alia Bhatt with her cat


Shilpa is one actress whose lifestyle tremendously motivates women, especially new mothers, to adopt a healthy diet during and after pregnancy and get back to shape. Last weekend, Shilpa gave her fans a visit to her garden showing why one must grow his/her own vegetables at home. I am sure, the lady spent her entire Saturday under the shade of those huge green trees in her kitchen garden. Psst.

Fresh Amlas in my garden, with the way we are going..pesticides,GMO ?I believe in growing my own food! #fresh #organic #growyourownfood #health #eatfresh #nongmo

50.9k Likes, 556 Comments – Shilpa Shetty Kundra (@officialshilpashetty) on Instagram: “Fresh Amlas in my garden, with the way we are going..pesticides,GMO ?I believe in growing my own…”

So that was it! Tell me in the comments below how you spent your last Saturday-Sunday. Even if you partied hard, let me know! Because for some, it’s the loud music that does the trick. Ammaright?

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