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Help This 19-Year-Old Indian-Origin Transgender Boy!

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  •  September 30, 2015


This is the story of Indian-American Shivani Bhatt, who prefers to be called Shivy.

Shivy, who was born as a girl, claims to be a transgender. However, this thought didn’t go well with his parents who have now seized his passport, Green card, birth certificate and other important documents before sending him to India forever.

In a video, nineteen-year-old Shivy talks about the humiliation he went through soon after he decided to cut his hair short. He opens up about the continuous verbal and physical harassment which he faced mostly from his mother, who kept telling him ‘to behave like a girl and that he is disgusting’.

Shivy uploaded on NGO Nazariya’s YouTube channel video telling that he has run away from his house in Agra to Delhi. In Delhi, the boy found the NGO Nazariya that offered to help him.

After he filed a case, the judge granted him and his friends protection from any harassment by the police. But according to Shivy, the police is still harassing the activists involved in this case.

The video uploaded by Shivy is a plea for help. Listen to him carefully:

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