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Ayushi Agarwal

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Help Nidhi Singh, A Poverty-Stricken Commonwealth Gold Winner

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  •  October 19, 2015


The only class of satisfied and content athletes, in India, belong to the glorified sport of cricket. Other than that, most of players are devoid of recognition, financial support, or both.

Nidhi Singh is just another feather in the Indian government’s proverbial cap of ignorance and apathy.

Singh is a rising star in the field of Power-lifting, and her list of accolades and achievements is awe-inspiring. She has won gold, silver and bronze medals in various championships held in England, Oman, Manila, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

awards_webShe belongs to Pachewara village, located in the Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh, and her family is poverty-stricken. Since power-lifting is not considered as illustrious as cricket, she does not make the cut for receiving hefty pay-checks.

FamilyWith no help whatsoever from the State or Central government, Nidhi is forced to pay the deposit fee (in the form of a donation) for the championships on her own, which she is not always able to arrange.There were instances as well where she could not participate because of insufficient funds.

PressHer next event is in Canada, where she needs to deposit approximately Rs. 2,45,000 with the federation. Singh is not even able to afford proper meals, and the government expects her to pay such an extortionate amount of money.

You can help Nidhi by donating a fraction of the total funds required, by calling on: 9412457865. Her Facebook Page: NidhiSinghOfficial

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