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  •  November 29, 2014

Wow, that’s quite a neat thing you got out there. How hard does she pull, huh!

If you are the one of those people who are devoid from such talks and culture, well, to put it straight to you, you are the nerdy one to them. #Just saying!

For a meager clarification of yours, we are talking about bikes. Yes, these are the comments that you receive as a grand welcome when you land into the rugged biker’s planet. A planet where there are blokes – young and old, black and white, and even the ones that land in the middle are making their mark now, a planet where they have passion to drive, DRIVE HARD! A planet where they treat their rides as their girls, their B1TCHS. Yes, you read it correct, you nerdy one.

The real pleasure of riding a bike to them is, considering their individual rides as their loyal and leashed GIRLS. Ask any PASSIONATE rider from any nook and corner of this world, what do you call your ride?

Big Booty, Dina, Tighty Whitie, Cherry Butt, Saddle stitched and leather bound Angel, and the famous one of all ‘Hell B1TCH’, will be those handful of names that will transform you from a NERDY to a STURDY one.

Flash, to all you rugged blokes out there. We just caught you in the act, when everyone else appreciated you for your ruggedness and creativity.

It is just a way for them to show their superiority and Alpha MALIASM. They take out all their wild fantasies on their bikes, including being rough, rude and hard, which they, quite unlikely, would do to a real girl, for the sake of Modern Men disguise that they boast off in the real world. The truth is that, there were always Alpha Males, hidden deep within, under their hood. They might not want to agree on the same because of their sturdy nature, but this is the fact.

Even a modern and educated man wants to consider himself superior to women. They often say that girls are equal to any of us, but as a matter of the fact, they don’t feel it within.

Not pulling this topic any further and coming to the crux of the matter. These comments might look too judgmental, pointless and harsh on the bikers, but these things can give rise to a bigger problem to the already existing problems faced by women in our country.

Now that, the Indian bikers are making their mark on the world stage of biking, which is quite an achievement in itself, we would like to suggest to all you passionate riders that if you want to use a woman as a motivation for your riding, do that, but don’t let your passion demine women in any which way.

If it has always been an alpha male world, now the Alpha Female has evoked to change it all for good.

On this Exhaust note, Ride well, ride safe and most importantly, Ride with Respect!

By Pravar Sharma,

Creative writer

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