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Helen Mirren: ‘Men should get their arms off women’s shoulders’

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  •  September 15, 2015


Have you ever seen a woman having her arm slung around her man’s shoulders? (Instances when she is injured don’t count). No? It is mostly the other way around, right?

In a report published in, acting powerhouse and Hollywood star Helen Mirren has said that this is because of a sense of ownership that is associated with the gesture. Aha! Don’t you think this comment coming from a veteran like her is indeed worth giving a thought?

So could it be possible, that much like objectification, when we see a man with his hands around the shoulder of his girlfriend or wife, it is actually because he regards her as his property, something to be owned? Well, you may call it his extra-loving or possessive nature.

However, we can’t run away from the fact that women, in most of the cases, are regarded as objects. On the other hand, it is also true that there is an element of love and affection involved with this gesture.

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