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Heidi McKenzie Designs Jeans For People On Wheelchair

  • IWB Post
  •  September 2, 2015


Heidi McKenzie, 29, was paralyzed after a devastating car accident.

Keeping in mind the stats – an estimated 3.6 million people in the US rely on wheelchairs, she decided to design denims for people like her. After Heidi competed and won in the Ms. Wheelchair America contest, she met many such people who wanted to wear trendy clothes making them comfortable in a wheelchair.e98b8f82ae8c1a079dab826dcf57570c_original

She told HuffPost, “Being cute and comfortable is what sells jeans to able bodied people and they have so many options to pick from. Being adaptive and functional is what sells to those in wheelchairs so that is the main focus … cute is not a priority. I want to give people in wheelchairs options so we can look good and feel good too.”

She teamed up with designer Kristin Alexandra Tidwell to create Alter Ur Ego, a line of jeans exquisitely for people on wheelchairs.

This collection has easily accessible pockets on the thighs and a tummy control panel. There’s even an invisible catheter opening and a high-back rise to keep away “plumber’s crack.55d36e0f14000077002e33bb

Heidi said, “I wholeheartedly believe I am exactly where I need to be — designing clothing for people like me in wheelchairs.” 


What a brilliant & generous innovation!

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