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HeartMob Will Protect You From Sexist-mob Online

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  •  April 22, 2015


Be aware, online haters! The anti-harassment group Hollaback! are currently fundraising for HeartMob, a platform launching in September that will provide real-time support to people being harassed online. Isn’t that amazing!

HeartMob will provide support and assistance to people reporting harassment alongside dealing with online haters. This platform is helpful for everyone who faces this issue, especially women, who are easy target of online haters.

One of the team members said – “For too long, many people have left online spaces because they feel unsafe or unsupported. For too long, many of us have sat back and watched, unsure how to ask for help or how to provide support and resources. With HeartMob, you’ll have a system of supporters beside you, and a user-driven set of actions you can take right now to lend a helping hand.”

Know all about it here.

Follow HeartMob on YouTube here.

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