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Hawa Mahal Talks: Nivedita R. Sarda & Diksha Choudhry

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  •  December 29, 2014


Did you read our 1st conversation that we shot in Hawa Mahal? We enjoyed our day out with few Jaipur women talking about femininity in custody of society’s stereotypes, unfair treatment women face and violence they braves through.

So why we chose this palace as our venue has a reason behind. Hawa Mahal was said to be built to keep the Maharanis safe from the evil eye of society while they are out. Working out the traditional ‘Purdah’ system, the royal women were asked to stay behind the walls and enjoy celebrations through ‘jharokas’ (windows).


Our two power-puff women went on to live the life of royal Maharanis from that era sitting by a window of Hawa Mahal. Nivedita R. Sarda, an Advocate, and Diksha Choudhry, a Law student, are in conversation talking about the Indian laws and women. Their intellectual talk is filled with laughters and quirkiness. Read here:



Nivedita – So Diksha, what’s your future plan?

Diksha – I am looking forward to be a Criminal Lawyer. But have a doubt if I will be accepted well in this particular category?



Nivedita – And why do you think so?

Diksha – I feel as if it is male dominated.

Nivedita – Challenge it!


Diksha – I am trying to. I have got only 3 girls in my class and details like this scare me. But on the other hand, yes I am determined.

Nivedita – The low percentage of girls in this field definitely shows our society’s narrow perception. Women like you must win over it.


Diksha – Talking about Indian laws, do you think there is a need of change?

Nivedita – No, but I strongly feel that the time of law-execution is rather long than required in India. That can be changed. And what do you think?


Diksha – Sometimes I feel we must bring UAE’s strict laws in our country. I really like the quick way of justice against rapists and eve-teasers.

At that, the ladies shared laughter.

Nivedita – Indian laws are getting strict.

Diksha – Don’t you think our laws are gender biased?


Nivedita – Yes, since most of them seem to favor women!

Again a riot of laughter followed.

Nivedita – Hmm…but rather than being dependent on laws and waiting for the system to change, women must learn self-defense. I strongly recommend it.

Diksha – It seems you have an experience! (winks)


Nivedita – I remember catching the boy trying to harass me on streets 17 yrs ago. I was smart enough to collect the crowd and teach him a lesson. I held him from collar so that he couldn’t run.


Diksha – That’s brave. Sadly there are also women who walk on the same path but their family reject even the attempt to stand for the self. The reason is fear.

Nivedita – I agree. I know families who just don’t want to support their daughters at the time of such a crisis.


Diksha – That’s why we, the women, are getting stronger each passing day. You know one funny thing?

Nivedita – What?


Diksha – Suddenly people of our country want to respect women. All because of the innumerable marches and strikes. Weren’t they supposed to be respectful in the past? I hope we are not sounding like mean feminists.

Nivedita – Definitely not. (laughs)


The young generation of Indian women is fully charged up to take the baton forward. Are you one of them?

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