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Have You Reached Your ‘Last Fuckable Day’, Dear Women?

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  •  October 24, 2015


Browsing the internet, JWB came across this video that is bound to leave you in splits. You have no doubt celebrated your birthday, anniversary etc, but imagine partying on the occasion of the ‘Last Fuckable Day’ of a woman!

Hey hey…no need to feel scandalized at the mention of the F word. Wait till you see this video, where some of the leading ladies of Hollywood discuss about the importance of last fuckable day in the life of a woman.

In the video, comedian Amy Schumer stumbles across a soiree in which Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are celebrating the last fuckable day in the life of Julia. So what exactly is last fuckable day? It is the day when the world decides that a woman in show business is too old to get any action done and thus is officially certified as not fuckable by anyone.

Tina Fey puts it in this way.

Sally Field was the on screen love interest of Tom Hanks in 1988 and six years later, she was playing the role of his mother!

But if you think that this only happens in Hollywood then think again. Heroines over 40 in Bollywood are treated as liabilities in the same way by the desi producers and directors as their angrez counterparts.

Remember Amitabh Bachchan wooing Rakhee Gulzar in the legendary film Kabhi Kabhi and then suddenly six years later was playing her son in Shakti?

Seriously doesn’t it appear bizarre to anyone that how within such a short time, your on-screen love interest becomes your parent? Or, we are not supposed to pay that much attention to the story and just listen to the songs?

Even some of the eternal mothers of Bollywood such as Farida Jalal have been in the shoes of a leading lady before being washed away in the flood of motherly roles that came in their ways.

The video is outright hilarious with all four actors speculating that how the life of Julia will be now that she will no more be fuckable. Julia says that she is happy because she can now grow her pubic hair without any concerns and also no dietary restriction (she is seen ice-cream chugging then burping a huge dakaar and also farting freely)

No doubt that people in Hollywood have been dished a good lesson to know that how stereotypical they are but don’t you think that Bollywood too needs to wake up from its slumber.

Umm…Just an errant thought, what if we had got to see four 40 plus ‘former’ leading ladies of the B town discussing about the last fuckable day? No doubt it would have been a laugh riot!!! Any guesses who could be these ladies?

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