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Have You Heard Of The Lunchbox Dad?

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  •  September 2, 2015


This article is about food, and this article will make your day. I pinky swear!

San Francisco-based Beau’s remarkable creativity is sure to blow your mind! Father of two, he prepares lunch for his kids every week.

What’s remarkable about it, you may ask? Well, it is the way he presents it. Every week he treats his kids to a special themed lunch box, taking inspiration from whatever they are currently into.

Taking my words lightly, are you? One look at his creation and you’ll go “Awww!”

UNILAD-tmnt7 UNILAD-star-wars5 UNILAD-seasame-street7 UNILAD-paris5

“All the lunches have been inspired by what my kids are watching and reading. When they get really interested in a topic, I design a lunch around it. It has helped me to really pay attention to what they’re into.

I figure you have to make your child a lunch anyway — why not spend 20 minutes or so more and make it a fun memory? Some people set aside extra time to go to the gym, watch TV, look over Pinterest, or troll on Facebook. I choose to use the time this way,” says Beau.

UNILAD-nightmare-before-chrstmas4 UNILAD-my-little-ony5 UNILAD-mickey-Minnie6 UNILAD-inside-out7 UNILAD-halloween8 UNILAD-frozen7 UNILAD-dino5 UNILAD-despicable-me4 UNILAD-Big-Hero-65

I can almost visualize that lunchbox jumping with excitement on containing so much awesomeness inside!

Want to learn how to make these? Feel free to steal Beau’s ideas and tricks from his website.

PS: If someone made me that lunch, I’d be confused whether to eat it or to gawk admiringly at it!

PPS: I’d eat it anyway! #KThanksBye

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