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Has This Father Taken Parenting Too Seriously?

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  •  August 14, 2015

Our parents can do anything to make us study. And this is not just the story in India, but parents abroad also have their minds working continuously towards this ‘cause’.

This Israeli father is no exception. He has developed a system where his kids need to work out if they want to use the computer. The computer locks up and in order to use it, they have to paddle, after which they get credits that unlock the computer for a time period. And when they run out of credits, the computer locks again until they paddle enough credits to unlock it.


This is an awesome brain-exercise, and definitely required a lot of brain-work to achieve. Though I want to ask the parents here, will you ever want your child to use this product?

Want to know how other parents are reviewing it? Look at few of the comments below:

“Obesity problem might become extinct. And most of today’s kids would become Olympians!!”

 I could think of better ways to educate kids. Not sure all aspects and consequences of such conditioning were taken in consideration.

“How do kids learn to eat healthy with this? That’s what they need more than exercise. So this is a huge FAIL.”

This is an awful idea. People need to learn to have balance in their lives and to lead healthy lifestyles. Linking computer use to peddling on a,stationary bike is wrong in so many ways. Bad parenting. Bad idea. Nothing to be proud of.”

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