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Harish Iyer’s Mother Expresses Her Elation Over Supreme Court’s Decision To Revisit Section 377

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  •  January 12, 2018

The Supreme Court has recently decided to revisit its December 2013 order that upheld the constitutional validity of IPC Section 377. This law, which criminalizes consensual same-sex relations, has been widely criticized, and the LGBTQ community is once again hopeful that the wrong will be finally rectified. 

Padma Iyer, the mother of The Quint columnist Harish Iyer, has expressed her optimism over SC’s decision to re-examine their verdict as she had always found that this law should ‘have no place in any democracy.’ She states her views, which were penned down by her son in an article.

“In fact, why should the private sexual life of any adult citizen be of any interest to the state as long as it is consensual? I never found answers to these, but the Right to Privacy verdict paved the path for a more optimistic overview of the entire situation. I looked at it with optimism because there is no right to privacy when you equip the state to police sexual relationships between adults,” she said.

“The recent attacks on minorities makes me worried. Attack on one minority community, where someone gets hacked and burned to death, stands testimony to the fact that those who are large in numbers and have a majoritarian mindset, can curb those fewer in numbers,” she added.

When IWB had interviewed Harish Iyer, his mother’s broad thinking was reflected in his thoughts as well. “Every man in this country speaks from the seat of privilege. The privilege of gender, of being a man, the understanding that you belong to a certain social, societal class and that you belong to a religion of the majority,” he said.

“But if you are a Dalit Muslim woman, who is disabled and also a lesbian, imagine the layers of discrimination she needs to go through in a country like India where women are still struggling to attain their rights,” he added.

Talking about the effect of SC’s decision, his mother has said, “It gives us hope that people who are different from the crowd have the support of the judiciary and that the constitution of India really protects everyone. As my son rightly says, “ Equality is not charity or a privilege, it is a right”.

And we at IWB sincerely hope that the SC finally reforms the law and does justice to the LGBTQ community’s years of fighting for their rights.  
H/T: The Quint

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