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Happy Men’s Day! Yes, such one exists!

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  •  November 19, 2014


We women, really, didn’t know that today was Men’s Day, right? As one of us said, women are too busy celebrating Women’s Day for the whole year. True that.

Our country has recently picked on feminism, and everywhere you head to you can see people talking feminist ideas. However, there is a dire need to make a quick bend to this new custom. Other countries that are old to the idea of feminism are mostly seen talking against men. Here is a little proof. India still has the chance to not grow a men-repelling environment by saying ‘not all men are the same’.

Exactly! Let’s not blame every man for every rape that happens. Let’s not call every man a drunkard, sex-desperate and someone who beats his wife. Let’s not.

There are thousands of interviews, spoof-videos, articles on ‘how poor women are living in the harsh society’. But hey, why there are only a handful talks on men being sexually harassed or beaten by wife or facing gender inequality by the boss due to a female colleague? Because we have been talking and reading such gender-biased things that have made women drastically change while somewhere, some men have developed inferiority.

These days, women don’t want to trust men at all. Even if a man tries to offer a seat to a woman in public transport, she thinks it’s a way to initiate chat. If the husband brings flowers for no special reason, she will smell something fishy. If a male teacher appreciates a girl student, class will think he is flirting with her. Why have we become like this? Why are we having this battle of sexes?

We need to recheck if feminism is becoming unfortunate for women. If its excess is making us loose on some of the best loving and humane moments in the life. As a female writer quoted: “Fortunately, there is good news: women have the power to turn everything around. All they have to do is surrender to their nature – their femininity – and let men surrender to theirs.”

Meanwhile you should totally check this funny video showing the plight of men. Go ahead and #ShowMenSomeLove. Happy Men’s Day!

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