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Gynaecologist Dr. Manjula Anagani – Doctor Who Revolutionized Laparoscopic Surgery

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  •  June 22, 2015

Gynaecologist Dr. Manjula Anagani is a pioneer in laparoscopic surgery and a Padma Shri awardee. Below are the excerpts from her interview with ‘Her Story’ website.


“When I would read about Nobel Prize winners in medical field and science, I too would be interested in trying to innovate newer things which would be useful. I knew then that I would be doing medicine.”

On why she chose gynaecology:

“I felt it was important to be a gynaecologist with a good practice rather than being a lady surgeon with less work to do or depend on others for referrals. Minimally invasive surgery was in its infancy when I started and it was a man’s world. All the techniques used were suitable for a malesurgeon. The immediate need was to innovate newer techniques, which were ergonomically suitable for women.”

Proving herself:

“It took a lot of persistence, patience and perseverance to prove that minimally invasive surgery for woman is here to stay.”

2 important rules of laparoscopy according to her:

Safety of the patient and Comfort of the Surgeon.

Fighting Gender-biasness:

“A woman will definitely have to work more than a man to prove herself in any field – but I also believe that one’s attitude is what determines our Altitude in Life. I think my attitude help me the most in overcoming any bias.”

Message for women:

“Women themselves give the least priority to their health keeping their Families health first. They need to understand that they are the mainstay of the family system and if they are not healthy –the system is not healthy. They come to us after the so called remedies fail & as a last resort.”

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