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Gujarat’s 27 Y.O. Meenakshi Valand To Become The First Woman To Give Birth After Uterine Transplant

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  •  August 8, 2018


In a few month’s time, 27-year-old Meenakshi Valand from Bharuch, Gujarat will become the first woman in India who will give birth after a uterine transplant. Last year in May, Meenakshi and Shivamma Chalgeri from Solapur became the first to undergo a uterine transplant in India.

“I have wanted this baby, and it is just a matter of a few months now. I have to be very strong as this is my final chance of holding a baby in my arms,” Meenakshi said.

Earlier, Meenakshi had lost two babies after full-term pregnancies and underwent four abortions which left her with a scarred uterus. It was then, on the verge of losing hope that she got the chance to undergo a uterus transplant and got pregnant in her second attempt.

Dr. Shailesh Putambekar, the director of Galaxy care hospital where the transplant took place, said, “Globally, only eight women have delivered through transplanted uteruses, and hence this is a dream run for us.”

“My diet is monitored, I don’t leave the room due to chances of infection, and one family member is allowed to stay with me. I walk a bit after eating and am resting for the better part of the day,” shared Meenakshi.

She is expected to give birth in December this year. “We are extremely hopeful as she has cleared the critical anomaly scan at the 20th week of pregnancy, which means that the anatomical structure of the foetus is just fine,” said Putambekar.

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