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Grumblings of a Damaad

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  •  October 30, 2014


It is the weekend after Diwali, and as usually it is time to visit my in-laws. Now I seriously don’t understand why this sudden need to meet all the relatives in the festive season arises, but according to my wife, it is a custom that we have to follow religiously. I have no problems with her father, but my mother-in-law is not a big fan of me – and I dare say that the feeling is mutual.

‘Priya, get me an aspirin right now! I have a bad headache.’

My angry voice is drowned by her equally arrogant retaliation: ‘Didn’t you think about that while drinking late last night with your friends? Get it yourself, don’t order me!’

I don’t like women who speak their mind, and that too in front of her husband. She must have inherited this bad habit from her mother, whom I have seen chiding my father-in-law in a similar way for his smoking habit. Although, it is true that last night the alcohol flowed a little too freely, and I had drank more than my usual share. But that, however, gives no right to my wife to shout at me like that.

As I grab the car keys, and move towards the door, my wife is still standing in front of the mirror giving the final touch up to her makeup. I seriously don’t understand why women spend so much time enhancing their beauty, when they venture out of their house. I guess it is a habit encouraged by parents, especially mothers. I can’t say that to my wife though, because if she starts pointing out my bad habits then it would be hard to stop her. This is unfair because as we all know, ‘a man will have his vices’. Isn’t it?

‘How much more time will it take?’

Her answer comes in the blink of an eye: ‘Why are you in a hurry? You are not going to office that there will be any problem if we reach there a bit later.’ Well, end of argument! Sometimes I wonder that how she dismisses my every argument in such tongue and cheek manner. I sometimes suspect that my wife looks so eagerly to meet her mother for the reason that they enjoy talking about me and discussing my flaws behind my back. Just yesterday, I was telling my mother about how my mother-in-law has this tendency to fill her daughter’s head with ideas to interfere into my life.

My car engine comes to a stop as Priya has spotted a boutique in the market through which we were driving. She has decided to gift her mother a new saree, and hence, the one activity in which they all indulge so eagerly, shopping!! After an hour, as we come out from the shop with a heavy dent in my pocket and a brand new packet in the hands of my better half, I am feeling utterly bored. I remember that among our friends we had planned to spend this afternoon by playing some heavy stakes card games, and now I feel angry that instead of an exhilarating gambling match, my money has been wasted in the numerous wraps of a saree and that too for my mother-in-law!


As we move closer to our destination, my sulking mood is not improved by the constant chatter of my wife praising her mother on how she had maintained her house in spotless order. Very often I have to hear lectures about how I am absolutely unorganized and messy. Another trait that I would say she got from her mother.

I spot my in-laws in front of their house, waiting for their daughter. As I step out from the car I meet my mother-in-law greeting me with a smile, I sigh…..

Namaste Mummy ji..

By Deep Mukherjee,


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