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Goddess Kali Takes Over New York’s Empire State Building

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  •  August 11, 2015

Thanks to TV series ‘How I Met Your Mother’ that I know about the New York based Empire State building. Remember how Ted would always brag about this building?

So when the building got its recent makeover, I couldn’t stop but blog about it. Artist Android Jones created Goddess Kali that was displayed on the facade of the building.

The Hindu deity, Kali, is known to be powerful as well as destructive during odd times. This fierce display on the building was meant to spread across a message for those who are messing up with the Mother Nature. (Cecil killers, are you listening?)

The artwork exhibition called Projecting Change by filmmaker Louie Psihoyos was to raise awareness about the need to conserve endangered animals.

Along with Kali, various endangered animals were also put up on the display.

See how the world is reacting on the news:

Aren’t all of us proud? :)

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