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Giving A Fitting Response To Body Shamers, These Women Celebrate Who They Are

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  •  September 12, 2019

Body shaming is a practice which has existed for a very long time. People have a definite notion of “beauty” which defines the standards of skin colour, body dimensions, hair length, or the kind of clothes one should or should not wear. The corrosive trend has become one of the most damaging forces in today’s world, having repercussions that affect mental and physical health for the one who is being body shamed.

However, let’s take a look at some of the women who respond to the shamers with a fitting reply.

Natasha Noel is a self-taught Yogini. One scroll through her Instagram account and you will see her interests which involves hanging from windows, balancing herself on bikes to posing on rooftops while she indulges in her workouts.

Natasha Noel

“When I was new in the field and wasn’t that confident of my body, people would come up to me and say things like – “You’re fat”, “You have huge thighs”, “You’re too muscular”, “You look like a man,” blah blah. People talk and criticize you because that’s what they do the best to shove their opinions down people’s throat. But today no one has the balls to do so. My confidence reflects on my face telling the haters how much I love my body-type.”


Founder of The Big Fat Company, theater artist Anuradha Rao works on the condition that the dress size of every actor should be XL or above.

“Fat and Proud, that’s who we are. We don’t play the victim card in our plays neither are we rebelling against the society saying that we are better than you. We celebrate who we are for what we are. For us, The Big Fat Company is about exploring possibilities as a performer, and spreading the message that ‘love yourself as you are,”

“This fat shaming sees no gender, though the expectations from each gender can be different. Both are taunted with the prospect of never getting married because of their weight. But a girl is pressured to lose her weight and a man is more often than not advised to at least get a good job to balance out the scales in his favour.”

Fat like my mother made me. Seriously have been terrible with being vegan these holidays and my stomach is punishing me with cramps and bloating and the worst smelling poops 💩 and it’s negatively affecting my mental health. I’m not going to lie and be like veganism and exercise cures everything, but when you feel like shit most of the time that 3% of energy and content from all that wellness crap and taking your meds regularly makes life bearable.

1,425 Likes, 54 Comments – Joanna (@joannathangiah) on Instagram: “Fat like my mother made me. Seriously have been terrible with being vegan these holidays and my…”

Artist Joanna Thangiah’s work is targeted towards people who body shame others. It features women with round faces, lips covered in blue or pink lipstick, big beautiful eyes, and eyebrows that are on fleek.

“I honestly believe that body shaming stems from a place of self-loathing which mass media outlets and corporations can easily feed on to sell their agenda. As a society, if we focus more on self-love instead of the things we’re taught to hate about ourselves, we would have one less thing to worry about.”

“It is important for children and adults to know the difference between health and beauty that they are not mutually exclusive! None of us look the same because we’re not supposed to; someone else’s beauty should not make you question your own worth.”

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