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Girl Earns Bread Butter Disguised As Boy For Safety

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  •  October 15, 2015


It was ten years ago that little Payal began disguising as a boy to earn her bread and butter. She is the sole earner of her family. Payal does “boot polish” in the Sola area of Ahmedabad.

When you walk up to her, you will be surprised how well camouflaged she is in the attire of a boy. So it makes us ask the question that why the little girl had to do it?

Payal’s father who died when she was only three, is survived by four children and a wife. Payal’s mother was well aware about the growing violence against women in the area, and since Payal was the only breadwinner in the family, her mother chopped her hair off so that she could work without any troubles. Life is easier as a boy.


Payal has never been to school. She searches for customers everyday to find people who need to get their shoes polished. She earns Rs. 150 a day, and sometimes works extra with a dream to educate her younger brother. Interestingly, she wants to adopt children in the future.


We hope that soon Payal doesn’t have to cloak as a boy and can proudly be her feminine self.

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