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Get Over Smileys, We’ve Got Vagina Emojis!

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  •  October 20, 2015


Nowadays life without snazzy emojis while chatting has become unimaginable, courtesy social media. So you have seen the smiling face as well as grumpy ones, but how about vagina emojis?

Yup you heard it right! This is what Flirtmoji, which is a sex positive startup has created for the netizens. Five sets of vagina emojis that apart from being innovative are also quite adorable.

But wait…Surely you are not opposed to the thought of sending one of these vagina emojis to the person with whom you are chatting? Btw, there’s no need for the scandalized expression as the word vagina is the name of a body organ and not any kind of taboo word.561ea1111400002200c79f07

However it seems that you might be okay with the idea of vagina emojis, but it seems that tech giants such as Google and Apple are not. That is why they refused to have these vagina emojis available at the Playstore or Apple app store! (Really, not fair)

But in spite of these companies giving the cold shoulder to these adorable vagina emojis which are designed with an objective to empower and make people more aware about their sexuality, they have been a big hit among the virtual population with many takers.

Jeremy Yingling, one of the artists who are behind this new type of emojis, think that this openness would help shape the visual language that sex deserves and is playful, sex-positive, body-centric and, entirely inclusive art.561ea61212000026007e5228

The idea does seem to be very much intriguing. In addition to making people more forthcoming about sex, what these emojis could do is that they can also spread awareness about issues such as female genital mutilation.

As for the emojis, they are shaped in forms of vaginas, along with pubic hairs and are available in different shapes and sizes. Another effort to make people shed away their inhibitions when it comes to talking about sex, these emojis are rapidly finding favour with the people.

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