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Get Desi With Artist Soni Satpathy Singh, Founder Of ‘Sketchy Desi’ Greeting Cards!

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  •  July 25, 2015

Soni Satpathy Singh is the founder of Sketchy Desi that talks about the hilarious truths of South Asian community. Weren’t we all waiting for this to arrive?

slide_442242_5848876_freeHer cards mention everything from the gossips of brown aunties from neighborhood, various superstitious, brown beauty concepts to South Asian taboos, and political issues.

Based in New York, 35 yr old Soni tells HuffPost, “Nine months ago I began to take myself seriously and created greeting card ideas and longer-form comics that speak to my experiences of being Indian-American. With any culture, I think there are certain inside jokes that arise with having access to the same shared experience.”slide_442242_5848880_free

The cartoons are full of sexism and taboos that sartorially intend to change the narrow mindsets. She says, “My community seems to hold a host of codifications steeped in scriptures and/or traditions. We’re told we can’t do x,y, z because we’re a woman, or affiliated with this religion, or married, or because it’s this day of week. I sketch about things that I’ve mulled over, that that I find peculiar, funny, or just plain wrong.”

Check out more pictures from her creation:slide_442242_5848878_free slide_442242_5848882_free slide_442242_5848884_free slide_442242_5848886_free slide_442242_5848890_free slide_442242_5848892_free slide_442242_5848894_free

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