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Get CLITERATE with this oh-so provoking project!

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  •  May 21, 2015


From ancient history to the modern days, the clitoris has been discredited and women’s pleasure has often been left out of the conversation entirely. Now, an underground art movement led by artist Sophia Wallace is emerging across the globe to challenge the lies, question the myths and rewrite the rules around sex and the female body.

Wallace is in light of a mission to educate the world about the oft-disregarded female sex organ, the clitoris.

Wallace clarifies that the clitoris was just logically recognized in 1998 after an Australian urologist distributed a paper portraying its shape and size – which could be up to 9 centimeters in length. It is the main female body part that exists purely for pleasure. It is an uncomfortable point for some, yet one that merits our consideration.

Wallace when chose to tackle the work, she did not think back.  Before long, she had made Cliteracy, a project with the objective of instructing a to a great extent “ilcliterate” society.

She faced a lot of criticism but at the same time, something else happened too — something substantially less unsurprising and considerably more shocking. People everywhere took up Cliteracy as a mobilizing cry. From school grounds in the Midwest to the splash painted leftovers of the Berlin Wall, the clitoris is appearing in startling spot.

Image from the video project on Huffpost.

Image from the video experiment on Huffpost.

Since its launch, the project has gone viral, generating a lot of public support on social media sites. The Cliteracy campaign is loaded with various educational certainties about the clitoris, which Wallace assembled utilizing logical information, recorded data and references to porn, popular society and human rights.

To bring the issue of clitoris in light, its anatomical extents and social significance, she is creating street art, a garments line and even “clit rodeos.”

This awesome project helps everyone get ‘cliterate’. Explore it here.

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