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Germany’s Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen is in India. And she is such an Inspiration!

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  •  May 26, 2015

Germany’s Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen is on a three-day visit in India. She is here to strengthen bilateral ties, besides focusing on regional and international security and defense issues.

However, this post talks far beyond the importance of her visit. JWB team wonders about few facts this Wonder Woman secured in her record.

Previously, as minister for labour and social affairs, she fought and won a long battle to introduce better paternity benefits to encourage more working women to have children. Herself is a mother to 7 kids. Yes, she is, no misprint here. All this against the background, that Germany has one of the world’s lowest birth rates, in part because many German women believe careers and children are incompatible.

To add further to her credit, the Lady Minister advocated the initiation of a mandatory blockage of child pornography on the Internet in Germany. Ursula is a role model for young German women who want to break with tradition in a society still imbued with the notion that a woman’s life should focus on “kinder, küche, kirche” (children, kitchen, church).

She is a truly  inspiration for the world. Isn’t she?

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