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Gender Parity At Workplace Can Boost India’s GDP By 27%: Christine Lagarde

  • IWB Post
  •  September 26, 2015


International Monetary Fund chief, Christine Lagarde said that India’s GDP would have been 27% higher if the country had as many of its women working as men.

India has fewer women with sound careers, who are tackling and continuously fighting the cultural and other societal barriers. Here, gender equality is still a dream. Speaking at the launch of W20, a grouping of women leaders from the world’s 20 largest economies including India, Christine said, “For example, we have estimates that, if the number of female workers were to increase to the same level as the number of men, GDP in the United States would expand by 5 per cent, by 9 per cent in Japan, and by 27 per cent in India.”

She continued, “package of parental leave, childcare, and a fairer tax system can enable women to combine a job with a family. Along with investing in girls education and easing women’s entry into the labour market, it also supports women’s economic empowerment.”

We agree with her when she mentioned that there are more than three and half billion reasons, and that’s why gender equity matters. Do you?

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