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Komal Panwar

Blogger & Singer

Game of Thrones Wonders “To Rape” Or “Not To Rape”

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  •  December 23, 2015


No controversy can ever stop me from being in love with Game of Thrones. Now there have been talks about the issue that the show is irrevocably violent. I wouldn’t disagree to that. I mean, there are throats getting slit, blood pouring. The good thing they didn’t show the killing of the Direwolves, or I’d have been pissed.

All that violence, and especially the over-the-top “rape scenes” have afflicted many fans, and they’ve demanded a decrease in them all.

Avclub sums it up: “ There was the time in season four in which the show changed a consensual scene from the books into one that was not, and then earlier this year (in season five) the show played up the emotional toll a rape took on a character who witnessed it—but less so on the woman actually being raped. Lots of people offered their opinions on all of this, with Sophie Turner (who plays the woman in question) appreciating how “messed up” it was and author George R.R. Martin defending the show’s adherence to some kind of “historical accuracy.”

There is talks of producers toning down the rape and sexual violence scene, which some of us think, might alter the authenticity of the show. While most people, who demanded it can celebrate!

But, not so fast! The word is out but not an official declaration!

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