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Gallerist Gitanjali Is Repainting The Lives Of Lesser-Known Artists In Bright Colors

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  •  September 28, 2017


Gallery G was founded in 2003 in Bangalore. It all happened when Gitanjali Maini took her long-existent love for art to the next level. She was only four when her father gave her a Husain print in Delhi from the Lalit Kala Akademi.

Gitanjali’s role is to discover artists from around the world and promote them through the gallery g. We got in touch with Gitanjali to find out how the love for art evolved in her.

Describe the first painting that got you an A+ in school.

I have never painted.img_2 (1)

Paint a word picture of the artwork you have long wanted to create.

An image of ahoi mate, it is a festival I observe every year. I wish to paint ahoi mata free hand, one day.

How did such an unconventional career interest you?

Your work should be something you can enjoy. In my mind, I always wanted a career that would be a vacation for me. So, I have to say, art was the best choice for that kind of a goal.

How do you pick the art for your gallery?

I pick artists who reach out to us. The picking usually happens after we observe their work for a while.

Share some stories of artists that you discovered through gallery g.

Bharti Prajapati was doing her solo exhibition in 1995 with a gallery in Bangalore. I went to her exhibition and commissioned her for 50 works for my upcoming office. Bharti today is an award winning artist and the value of her work is over 100 times the original value paid… Jay Varma (the Great Grandson of Ravi Varma) a fabulous pencil artist hid under the shadow of his grandfather. We wanted to pull him out by helping him improve his skills in various styles. We shall launch him in 2020. He will be magical, you’ll see.

Tell us about your project Chariots: The Fabled Vehicle.

We have acquired an abandoned temple chariot thru a collector patron. Our idea is to create awareness about art & artifacts and iconography (the base of painting) through our shows curated by Dr. Choodamani Nandagopal. I will be honest, we are really looking forward to this.img_1 (3)

How do we recognize what the artist is trying to say?

Over the years, I have been able to see more into paintings over time. There are times when the expression of thoughts is rather subtle. If there are things I don’t understand, I just go ahead and ask.

A piece of advice you’d like to give to young & budding artists?

Find a technique, work hard on developing that into a skill. Don’t copy a master, and try to find your own style.

What would you like to paint your life with?

Simplicity, originality, and honesty

Do you often find yourself staring at paintings for hours?

I really wish I had the time for it.

What is therapy for you, other than art?

Just being by myself is enough, most of the times. I like my own company.

An artist you follow on Instagram.

Oh, there are so many. But, the first name that comes to my mind would be Bose Khrishnamachari.

If your favorite piece of art could translate into words, it would say…

Art is what truly makes you happy.

What is the price range of the art that displays in your gallery, most of the time?

I think it starts from around 5k. But, the sky is the limit, really, when it comes to paintings.img_3 (1)

 A conversation with a buyer that you fondly remember.

“Gita I don’t know art as an investment. I buy it because you say it’s a piece I must have.” The buyers trust in me. And that’s why I always work hard to keep their investments safe.

Does your family share your passion & understand the language?

Oh, absolutely. They love my stories, are the nicest to my artist friends and attend each and every one of my shows. Their support has been of utmost importance for me.img_4

Where have you hung your favorite painting, at home? What is the story behind it?

Dining room. A Husain print given by my father when I was 5! It is a message to my children and to me. It reminds us that from a very young age, my father thought that arts were indeed where my heart shall lie forever.

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