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Funny Video: Scarlett Johansson & Mark Ruffalo Answer Flipped Sexist Questions

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  •  April 28, 2015


Something amazing happened when UK Cosmo changed the questions for Scarlett and Mark. The women on the red carpet are generally asked about their designer clothes and makeup while male actors are asked about their role. Sexism.
In a recent interview with UK Cosmo, these questions were flipped. The questions otherwise meant for Scarlett were given to her “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” co-star Mark Ruffalo. He was asked about his red carpet attire, diet and makeup tips, and Scarlett got to answer the fun questions, including how she developed her character and what kind of stunts she had to do in the film. Lol, the results are funny yet thoughtful.

Check out their interview and see how many gender-stereotypes are women dealing with:

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