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Funny Video: After Arranged-Marriage, India Is Talking About Arranged-Divorce

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  •  October 9, 2015


Here’s a question. If you had an arranged marriage and then if you get a divorce, shouldn’t it be arranged too? Imagine the following situation.

Both the parents of the boy as well as girl very ‘sweetly’ discuss their problems.

Boy’s mother– You said your daughter can cook, she can’t even make maggie.

Girl’s mother– Actually unlike your son, we were busy educating our daughter.


And wait.. That’s not all. Even the husband and his soon to be ex-wife take potshots at each other, but with a smile on their faces.

“We can’t believe that we will never see each other again.” It is the joy that is evident in both of their faces, that is classic.enhanced-28209-1443686822-1

A new video in You Tube, that goes by the name ‘Arranged Divorce’ is going viral on the internet. The video is bound to leave you in splits from the way it shows the entire process of divorce in the same way as arranged marriages.

From the extra sweet tone of talking to giving ‘privacy’ to the couple as they go to the next room to talk about the separation, this is a divorce unlike any other. At one point, the boy shows his not-so-better-half the picture of his new girlfriend. Well, if you thought that this was funny, then what happens next is even more ROFL. The girl counters by proudly displaying the picture of her ‘mystery man!’

“Unlike you, he doesn’t stink”, says the girl.

Whoa..the look at the face of her husband is something.

What follows is even more hilarious as both the families along with the ‘not so happy’ couple start following all the customs of marriage but in reverse.

So we see a tika being applied over the forehead of the man and right after that it is erased. Btw, at this point of time, expressions on the faces of both the families are outright funny. At the end of the video, when the couple part ways as the girl tears their wedding photo and the man shows her the middle finger, you are about to choke on your own laugh. Watch it yourself:

In our country where marriages are a long running tradition, the idea of arranged divorce is indeed an intriguing idea. What do you think, Jaipur?

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