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Funny But Powerful: If Men Were Burgers, and Women Were Pizzas

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  •  April 16, 2015

UCB comedian and Fusion writer Akilah Hughes says: “Instead of a man’s world, it’s a burger’s world – and ladies are pizza.”

In one of her videos called ‘On Intersectionality in Feminism and Pizza’, she uses a pizza as a metaphor to describe the different prejudices women face depending on the color of their skin, their sexuality and their gender identity.

Burger is the code for men.

Pizza is the code for women.

Cheese Pizza is the code for white women.

Deluxe Pizza is the code for a gay, a bisexual, a transgender, or a person of color.

She says: “Say you’re born a cheese pizza, but the world is made for burgers. You can go anywhere and get a burger. Burgers are the go-to fast food – pretty much everything in the world is made to serve burgers.

Hilarious yet thought-provoking.

She continues: “So you’re trying to say ‘Hey, pizza is just as good as burgers. Pizza is just as satisfying as burgers. Pizza deserves the same rights as burgers. And that’s all fine and good, but then there are pizzas like me — deluxe pizzas — who happen to have different toppings and features than cheese pizzas and have their own problems to face because they’re pizzas and have different toppings.”

Is she true? Tell us in the comments below!

Meanwhile, watch her complete video here:

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