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From Planning A Mehfil To Reviving The Dholki Nights, Here’s How You Can Amp Up Your Desi Wedding

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  •  October 12, 2017


If you don’t want to look like the mainstream bride or groom on your D-day, here’s some first-hand advice from an experienced wedding consultant and planner.

IWB spoke to Mukta Kapoor, Director of Delhi-based luxury wedding planning company, Yuna Weddings. Read the excerpts below.

Yuna Weddings

Mukta Kapoor

Everyone seems to book destinations like Goa, Rajasthan, Thailand or Bangkok for their grand weddings. What other off-beat locations would you like to suggest?  

One must explore the beautiful towns of Europe such as Umbria, Puglia, Veneto & Amalfi. These cities have witnessed only a few destination weddings so far and are potential locations for 2017-18. It’s amazing to see how the tourism boards of these countries are organizing FAM trips for the planners and are participating in various wedding exhibitions to talk about their gorgeous countries/cities.img_5

And which theme(s), do you think, should now take a back seat, already?

Oh, the royal Rajasthani weddings. We’ve seen a lot of these happening over and over again, am I right?

At that, which is that one forgotten wedding ritual that you’d like to revive?100 (1)

Dholki nights, it’s an interesting concept to bring the entire family and friends together 2-3 days prior the wedding. It was a common tradition across the country where the relatives come together to play dholki and sing traditional wedding songs. The ritual is mostly forgotten and not been done by many, especially in metropolitan cities, as the new generation wants to wrap their wedding ceremony in 2- 3 days maximum and prefer live music performances or DJs. I strongly believe that the original Dholki nights have their own charm.

On this note, share some more fun pre-wedding function ideas!

Bachelorette and Bachelor parties/holidays are a thing nowadays. Youngsters prefer traveling to exotic destinations for 3-4 days along with their friends where they can taste the party fever of that particular city. It’s always fun to go prepared with some usual quirky games to strengthen the bond and add to the fun!100 (2)

Another idea can be the hosting of a Mehfil with classical Mujras/Sufi Nights. Almost every group seems to enjoy it. You can always invite folk singers and dancers from culturally rich places to perform.img_1

How cost-effective are these ideas/themes? What if someone is planning a cost-effective wedding?

To make wedding functions cost effective, one can opt for a color theme décor as it minimizes the props and enhances the ambiance with regular drapes and flowers. One can even go for rustic theme decoration for the functions.

If a couple chooses a day wedding, how can they make it as stunning as a night wedding? img_4

To enhance and create an opulent ambiance for a day wedding, the couple can go for colorful drapes (vibrant or pastel) in abundance. Since there won’t be any light decoration, the décor should comprise of seasonal fresh flowers and interesting quirky setups which can also be of dual purposes such as photo booth corners, etc.img_7

The elements that can be used, such as, colorful windmills, umbrellas, flower set ups, swings on the trees, rickshaw or scooter décor, and much more depending on the theme the couple has chosen. As far as the sitting arrangement is concerned, one can include bright hues, and the cabanas can be created for outdoor venues.

How can one make his/her wedding a hit on social media?

Go for a live streaming on Facebook or Instagram! Imagine the people, who couldn’t attend, being a part of your wedding virtually.

What if one wants to ditch the pre-wedding shoot?

There’s always an option of joining a dance or fitness class together before the wedding to raise the chemistry bar!

Lastly, and most importantly, how can couples switch to a greener and environmental-friendly wedding?img_6

Do a day wedding to save electricity. Associate with an NGO to give away the leftover food at the functions. Last of all, please, do not use crackers.

Do you find these ideas useful? Tell us in the comments below!

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Other Images Source: Yuna Weddings

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